Livestream Site User Flow

This is the classic user flow for an attendee at your live stream event. From the landing page through to the main Live Stream page.

Landing Page (Welcome)

This is your chance to Welcome your audience to the event. This page can be short and sweet or contain links and special event info, sponsor logos or disclaimers. 

A first time user must sign in. A returning user will be directed straight to the live stream page

Here your attendee will sign up for the event. The attendee creates an account by using their email and choosing a password. You can your visitors other sign up questions here like their company name, phone number etc.

Sign Up Page - First time visitors must sign up by providing First Name, Last Name, Whitelisted Email and Password.

The Info Buttons on the left explain that the whitelisted email is the email at which they received the invite. The password info button explains that the user must create their own password for their account on this live streaming site.

Sign Up Page (For first time users)

Sign up page.png

Log In Page (For registered users)

Log In page.png

Once your attendees have signed up they can log back in to the event on this window. 

Login Page - If a user has signed in before and now wishes to use a different device, they can log in using their email and password that they used when signing up.

Live Stream  Page - This is the main page of the event where the Signed In user will watch the live stream and participate in the Q&A - see next slide

Livestream Page

Livestream page.png

Livestream Q&A Page


Live Stream  Page Q&A - This is the main page of the event, at the bottom of the page. Here the users can post questions which are sent through to the moderator panel.

My Account - Here the user can see the information that is stored on the website about them. For this site we simply collect First Name Last Name and Email.​​​​

My Account Page

My Account page.png

Thank You Email

Custom Invitation.png

Thank you email. The user will receive this email once they have signed in to the live stream site (on the sign in page)

Moderator Panel - this page is only accessible to the moderators of the event. Here the moderator can reply to questions (publicly or privately) make  announcements, reject or approve questions and control whether questions are open or closed. 

Moderators Page

Moderators panel.png

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