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Multi-Media live stream solutions

fully customizable virtual platforms for online and hybrid events

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our services

Multi-media has built over 100 virtual online Events for some of the top and most well recognized brands & companies in SA. Predicted to become the most used and popular form of communication, online livestream events are our speciality. Multi-media has your online needs covered

Virtual Events

Full studio set-up, LED backgrounds, 3D Virtual environments, Green Screens, video live streaming

Set/stage Design

Lighting, cameras, scafolding, custom  props design, 

Web Development

Livestreaming, product launches, e-commerse, video streaming, Online stores, 

3D animation and custom graphics 


Some of our latest work

Just a few of the livestream event websites built from Summer/winter 2021

The CreativeX awards 2021

The home page
This page features an intro and an RSVP Button.

About Page

Offers attendees great information about the event and facts about their past events.

MC page

features the talent that will be hosting the Live Stream awards ceremony.

CreativeX Home Page
CreativeX About Page
CreativeX - The MC Page
Live Stream Count Down Page
Mira Royal Detective - Live Stream Press Release
Live Stream Page
Moderated Questions & Answers

Mira Royal Detective Press Release

Login/ Signup Window

Invited members of media and press are able to sign-up at this live stream event for a new Disney Channel TV Show.

Live Stream Page

The live stream was viewed on this fun page featuring artwork from the TV Show and a moderated Audience Q&A - See next Slide

Live Chat Facility

Audience members were able to submit questions to the moderators and the moderators could choose to release those questions to the rest of the audience and reply to questions either publicly or privately.

Nissan Navara 2020 Global Reveal

Multiple Events

This event was split into a staff event and a media event. Each live stream had tailored and private content that was protected by member sign in and passwords.

Event Security

In order to access the event, the user had to prove their eligibility by signing in on an approved email address and then entering a secret password.

Restricted Access Guest Areas

Once the user has entered their password they are able to watch the event taking place on this page.

Nissan Navara Global Reveal - Staff Event
Password Page
Nissan Navara Global Reveal Page
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featured event

Absa Art Hot Spot (virtual gallery)
Absa Virtual Gallery Walkthrough

Absa Virtual Gallery Walkthrough

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Brands that trust us

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Livestream Designer and Feature Docs

These Documents will explain:

Dimensions, pixel ratios and lengths to design for livestreaming websites.

Designers Doc

Polls analytics and account information for livestreaming websites.

Livestreaming doc